Change Management

Project Management

Project Management

One of the key elements to a successful project delivery phase is understanding in detail the requirements of the project and the varying objectives of all stakeholders.

Our project management team have strong relationships in the critical infrastructure sector giving us access to industry subject matter experts to assist with our overall delivery model. We seek to continually learn and innovate, ensuring we can provide added value & the latest technology to our project deliveries. 

By engaging with Pentagon Technical Services Limited as your project management team you will gain in-depth knowledge of local construction requirements including expertise with external local authorities. 

Pentagon Technical Services

We’re with you

Our Project Management team is highly experienced in providing project delivery support in critical infrastructure facilities and we’re with you from before the ground-breaking idea until after the opening ceremony to ensure delivery of the critical infrastructure for your new building runs smoothly and efficiently. Once your building is open and tenanted we’re still there providing maintenance to the systems we know like the back of our hand. This is because we spec’d, designed, procured and installed them. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

Data Centre and Critical Infrastructure

Program Delivery

Communication is the key to delivering your project. Because we’re with you from the very beginning we have an in-depth knowledge of your project that smooths out communication issues between stakeholders, leading to a more efficient project delivery. We are on-site and available to you throughout the process to deal with changes or issues as soon as they arise.

Schedule Development

Schedule slip is a common problem in project management. We understand project resourcing from start to finish and this is the key to developing and managing a schedule that stays on-track. There are so many elements which can affect your schedule – from supplier bottlenecks to the weather. We’ll design a schedule that ensures your project’s critical infrastructure is delivered and commissioned on time.

Scope includes

  • Project management team
  • Strong leadership & knowledge 
  • Provide project planning and controls advice with KPI’s
  • Attendance of client meetings as  point of contact


  • Quality management & control advice
  • Safety Management & control of ESSW advice
  • Risk & mitigation
  • Contractual management up & down stream