MiC / DfmA

We have Modular Integrated Construction and Design for Manufacture and Assembly experts within our team who have established a number of modular facilities that we use on a global basis to support our customers with project delivery. MiC / DfmA are proven methods in innovative modular construction that improve efficiency and reduce project costs.  By manufacturing modular systems off-site, for delivery to the project when they’re needed, we can mitigate problems such as weather issues, labour supplies and physical site constraints while giving a greater degree of quality control during manufacturing.

MiC / DfmA

MiC / DfmA

Change Management

Identification of Modular Solutions

Identifying which elements of your project’s critical infrastructure are best suited to off-site modular construction is essential to a smooth running project that stays on schedule. Contact us to talk about how our experts can design a system that embraces MiC and works for your construction project.

Modular Supply Chain and Procurement

By designing a system that builds modules within our own facilities we can leverage our existing, proven supply chains and procurement processes. This delivers cost savings vs building everything on site where space is at a premium.  This takes some of the strain from managing your overall site resources, leaving you with more time to focus on the non-modular elements.